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03 January 2009 @ 07:43 pm
Cheryl Doesn't Like Other Celebs  

Cheryl Dosen't Like Other Celebs

Cheryl has recently revealed why you don't see her at too many celebrity gatherings. She insists that famous people shouldn't form fake friendships for the sake of publicity. Cheryl says, "All I want to do (after work) is go home. And it's all such bullshit, because you don't really know the people there. It's like waving across the room, 'Hello, I'm famous, you're famous. I don't really know you but I'm saying hello to you anyway.' I much prefer to got to Kimberley's and have her cook for me. Just natural normal parties where you can let your hair down and no one's going to start taking your picture on their mobile phones or any of that shit."

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